Traces of War

by Traces Of War

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released December 22, 2016

TRACES OF WAR shout out: Family, friends and wives, John The Sasmon Samson, PUP Kawayan Friends Galore, Noel Candelario, Junlie Dela Cruz, Divyd Ray Guierrez, Carlo Gabriel and the first TOW collegiate tees, Chi Aldover, Eggman for the Resistance EP and Let's do This! Demo art and packaging, Perth Salva, Jc Paterno, Karl Rosales, Glenn Requilman, Eusebio Encarnacion, Tux Ulip. Paolo Japzon, Stephen Sandoval, Janjan Yaun, Carlos Lanzona, Shakey Bones, Fifah Musngi, Sid Matugnina, Christiansen Casten, Kat Tampoco, Alvaro Martin and Metal Havoc Zine, Chester Masangya and Craft Agenda Zine, Kenneth Sanglay and Eargasm Zine/Webzine, I Remember Halloween, Union of Sound Crew, Grace of Brutality, Dreaded Mortuary, End of Man, Paganfire, Mass Hypnosia, Resurrected, The Deadflesh Architect, Piledriver, Zalvija, Flashpoint, Charlie, Toxemia, Sven, Banzai 7, Bane, Befall, Bloodshedd, Pathogen, Rabies, Laguna Skaterock, Hellmet Productions, Gods of Metal Productions, Apoy ng Kamunduhan, Toxic charge Collective, Alvin Esperanza and the crew for the Insane Bazooka shows. To those we missed out on this roll call, see you at the show!

In Memory of Calixtro Phil Gualdrapa (1985-2012)

All Songs performed, written and produced by: Traces of War
Recorded and mixed at: Perthman Studios
Sound Engineer: Perth Salva
Mastering: AK Resonating Terror Rosales
Album Art: Eldric Arpilleda
Band Logo: Chi Aldover
Album Layout and Band Photo: Karl Rosales
Additional Gang Shouts: Paolo Japzon
Stephen Sandoval



all rights reserved


Traces Of War Manila, Philippines

Traces of War from Manila Philippines worship in the altar of hardcore punk, thrash metal and anything in between!

Resistance EP (2009)
Let do this demo (2010)
Self titled album ( late 2016 release)

Current line up:
•Aboy - vox
•Krizanto - guitars
•Mack- bass
•Kiko - drums
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Track Name: Cursed
Forced into following driven by pain
there is no last resort
salvation is not an option

Die for your master
paycheck bought your life
chains of production line

Faithful to their lies

Enslaved to the grave
raped by the power
living dead follow the order

bow down to the failure
that founded the empire
embraced by the ill willed
and the forsaken!
Track Name: Painful Strife
burning pressure tearing the flesh
the glorious matrimonial pain
slowly decaying from an internal womb
mangled fetal remains

future is bleaker inside your mind
by their standards you got paralyzed
you crawl in the road they created for you
your existence now you despise

just before your death
you realized you're shattered
is it fulfilling who you are
that does really matter
are you trying to break away
or return to this life?
is your life with a cause
or just a painful strife

remain calm and silent
toke another weed
or shot pills
in the middle of firing squad
you are singing standing still
your faith does not rely on zealot's pamphlet
or your soul cannot but waiting on the second coming
of pain
Track Name: Deadweight
Denial of progress fear of the process
descending into mental disease
unknown to the past commercial cast
forced into consuming beliefs
DEADWEIGHT shackles to the neck
reduced into a powerhorse device
parasytic solution hypnotic communion
blinded by a false paradise
DEADWEIGHT shackles to the neck
reduced into a powerhorse device
repetition of failure culture of corruption
verses for freewill's demise
obsessed by division god intimidation
hypocrisy of violent minds
perverted scriptures exploitation of the cross
in the hands of deception
identity has been lost
indoctrination of grief the tragic occupation
political corporation... DEADWEIGHT!
Track Name: Let Alone the Weak
Decay for another penny
round a clock grueling insanity
pills to cover the pain
wage war exploiting through God's name

Demonstrate! for those who fear the mandate
Break! Protest is not for the weak to take

There will be noise in the streets
No rest until we are fee
our voice may not fall into arms
voice of the devoted our final stand

Kill for you fallen
Fallen images
drunk from the lies
that's wrought in your mind
kill for the power
that's made by your hands
when everything falls can you still stand?
Track Name: Ceremonial Violence
The eye is on your every move
and your daily dose of the twisted truth
the masses are caught by the eye
the doctrine must be televised
full scale conspiracy
as you witness fire fall from the skies
political creed blessed by the corporate empire

restore the killing
an urgency for ammunition
ceremonial violence
preaching to cause division
preserve the market for war
across all the borders
Ceremonial Violence
disorder and control

barricades are about to fall
by the voice of god i deliver the pain
by his wrath i am the conflict
genocide for those who stand against
a finger on the trigger
the cold soul of the problem solver
a sacrifice for our way of life
die by the gun or down with the knife

War is our faith no rest for the iron fist
bless the uranium by the blood of the beast
we behead sons we're hard track
we run this terror we initiate the attack
Track Name: Deceiver
ripoff! belial! professional fake!
fabricator, must be burned to the stake
scented words of a viper's hiss
another perpetrator on the blacklist


you are a fucking snake on suit and tie
hold the holy bible as you twist the mind
drink from the chalice defile the youth
propaganda devour the loot

he is a man of god with the plastered smile
all the wonders that he did is televised
a nice guy politcal enemies killed
the judge is on his payroll he got away with no guilt
Track Name: Self Inflicted Disease
Struggling... to gratify your senses your void remains empty
Like a plaguing trend
from time to time your vices are changing
dying relapse why can't you turn your back?
from the drama of fake friends and smoking crack..

Down with the crutch! Tied to the unreal
forcing you to break your will

Follow your temporary cravings
without thinking of the price it pays
killing your consciousness with manufactured waste
instead of finding solutions
you prefer your judgement to be numbed
hiding behing the merry facade of the failure you've become

Alone in the road of relapse. Soul corruption
turn this life around. self destruction

You hassle your old friends and family for the addiction you feed
you made them gave up, now it's all but grief
you're now below zero, you know it's not what you need
retaliate and think back
(from) self inflicted disease
Track Name: Subconscious Execution
Symbols through Radiation
exposed to their eyes
the masterplan to corrupt
the unbroken infant minds
raised from worthless laws
profess without a cause
the vision is now final
convert the mass into denial
Subconscious execution
the need to feed the lust
prescribed schizophrenia
no one can be as just
undirected path
your thoughts are not your own
swines into the slaughter
dead since you are born
Track Name: Offensive Intent
you inflicted the damage
you carved the wound
without a warning
revenge comes to you soon
you're a slave of filth
you tormented the innocent
I'll haunt you to your sleep
till you wake up in closed casket
no one will come to mourn
but a piss on your grave
the last thing you will be the edge
of the blade
may maggots release you from your mortal
welcome to the judgement fold

Hatred is all that is felt
Hatred is all that I find
on your knees like a bitch
doomed forever forgiveness denied

I bring sickness I bring the plague
I am the nightmare that you cannot escape
I am the monster I am your fear
I am the horror that you don't want to hear
there is no mercy there is no law
I am the judge that will serve you sorrow
I am the burning steel that wraps in your neck
blood for blood offensive intent

no trace of guilt in the hands of the judge
just an equal reaction to settle the judge
Just an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth
your face crushed by the boot
then all you hear is nothing
then all you see is black
then the hounds of hell take you and there's
no turning back
no matter how hard you try
how true your prayers
there's no hiding from the doomsayer
Track Name: Walls
Sick of the same things you spit again and again
Violence! same stories you tell about life is a living hell
Praise your fake beliefs
confused of the things that you stand for
you reek in fear ashamed of the bitterness you've fought

Killing! in the name of the god you've made
destruction! trails of disease and plague
death! is the cycle you embrace everyday
sacrifice! succumb in the hell you pay

Frustrated of the same things you spit and self loathing
I can't stand your pride that only proves nothing
you lie! of the stories you've told and not for walking the talk
you kind will never flourish, I wait the day it perish

in the name of the god you've made
those who oppose your faith
trails of disease and plague
succumb in the hell
in hell you will pay